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Aging Brain

Scientists discover nutrient combination
could rewind your brain’s age by 13 years.
Now available to help restore
your memory, focus, and energy:

Recently, an independent French laboratory discovered how to slow down… stop… and then reverse your brain’s age.

It’s called a “Natural Brain Reboot”.

This “Reboot” is easy to do – just like pressing a button. And so simple that it takes just 17 seconds per day.

Yet this powerful Brain Reboot…

…has been scientifically verified. It could make your brain up to 13 years younger.

And it improves both short-term and long-term memory a full 60%... even if you’re well into your golden years.

Animal studies revealed it works by triggering the brain to grow things called newborn neurons.

When they appear, memory automatically strengthens, and mental focus sharpens.

In fact, these newborn neurons are so powerful…

They literally reboot your brain so it could become 13 years younger

And helps restore your memory so it’s a full 60% STRONGER.

These stunning results have been scientifically-validated on real men and women with something called CANTAB testing.

CANTAB is an advanced brain-measurement technology. You’ll see the proof in a moment. Then you’ll see how you can use the Brain Reboot secret yourself.


Noticing it’s easier to remember names, places, car keys… even distant memories…

Enjoying laser-like focus as you solve puzzles, navigate through town, or even start a new project around the house…


…and maybe hearing a remark or two from your spouse, how you’re “sharp as you’ve ever been” … and your kids telling you they hope they inherited some of your smarts!

Just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have blamed you for laughing this off as a fantasy. Now? It’s a scientific reality…


This Brain Reboot breakthrough all began with an independent research laboratory in France

They conducted an unusual experiment on 214 volunteers.

ALL of them were over the age of 60.

The scientists took the volunteers through the natural Brain Reboot, which isn’t complicated or painful…

In fact, it took the volunteers only 17 seconds to complete their task, every day.

Then, the scientists measured the volunteers’ brain power in six different ways

Some were typical memory tests. Others measured puzzle-solving ability…

…but one research tool was called the CANTAB.

The way the CANTAB works is simple:

It analyzes results from a mental test and determines a person’s “brain age.”

Now, when the volunteers took the CANTAB test…

It revealed the Brain Reboot had reversed
the age of the volunteers’ brains

Yes, they got younger.

These men and women – who were all over the age of 60 – finished the study with younger brains than when they started.

How much younger? Well, for a certain group in the study who had older brains at the beginning… they experienced up to…

Thirteen years.

Well over a decade.

That wasn’t the only benefit they experienced. I’ll show you the other surprising result, in a moment. But first, how does this Brain Reboot work?

For the study,

The volunteers didn’t make
any changes to their diet

They didn’t need any exercise routines or endless brain games.

No scary procedures, either.

Instead, the Brain Reboot made one simple difference that rebooted their brains for greater memory and focus.

In a moment, I’ll show exactly what this secret is.

When we finish, you’re going to know everything you need to potentially rewind your brain’s age by up to 13 years.

I’ll warn you upfront. Even though this secret takes just 17 seconds per day and science shows it could make your brain younger… not everyone can qualify to use it.

First, you must live in the United States. Second, we recommend this secret only if you’re over the age of 50. Please continue reading only if you meet both these qualifications.

My name, by the way, is Rachel Roane.

I’m the Research Director for Gold Leaf Nutritionals, a leading nutraceutical development firm. I spend my days buried in research papers and scientific reports. Both because it’s my job…

…and because I’m also someone concerned about their brain health. After all, it’s one thing to forget a name here and there…

…but it’s much more scary when your foggy memory and “senior moments” start making your life worse.

This is not something to ignore

But I’ve got great news for you today.

For years, science has known you can reverse the age of your body with a good diet, plenty of quality exercise, and the right supplements.

Naturally, scientists wondered if the same were true for your brain.

Despite rigorous scientific investigation, it felt like they got nowhere…

…until scientists in France did something very unusual

…that led to the scientific discovery that reversing your brain’s age is possible.

But I’ll caution you…

The way they made this discovery, might be difficult for you to hear if you’re extremely squeamish.

If you’re easily shocked, then it’s best that you don’t continue reading.

On the other hand, I recommend you stick with me because what you’re about to get will be well worth it.

It’s now not only possible to slow down aging in your brain…

…but could reverse your brain’s age up to a full 13 years.

Without any exercise – not even mental exercise! You don’t need to make any major lifestyle changes.

With the natural Brain Reboot,
you need just 17 seconds a day,
and you’re set

Think about how your life will change when you’re living at your full potential…

When you can jump on a project and solve challenges like a genius


Help your family and loved ones – be the “go to” person in their lives again…

…and enjoy unstoppable mental energy. Remember when you used to get excited about your ideas? It’s time for your dreams to finally come true.

Let’s talk about what this Brain Reboot actually is so you can get started:

Inside your brain are cells. They’re called neurons.

Think of them like tiny computers.


Even though they’re tiny, you have plenty of them. Around 100 BILLION, to be more exact.

Just like with any other kind of cell, your neurons are constantly dying and regenerating again. On average, about 700 per day.

In a young, healthy person, the dead neurons get swept away and replaced.


As time goes on, your brain falls behind

It’s not your fault, by the way. The real villains are stress, your environment, and growing older.

It gets worse

In addition to neurons, your brain contains special things called synapses.

If your neurons are like tiny computers, then synapses are like little wires connecting them, so they can communicate and work together.


Unfortunately, these synapses can snap apart.


When your synapses wear down… and you lose neurons…

you lose your focus and you start forgetting names.

Again, none of this is your fault. And it’s not something you can overcome with willpower, either. You can’t force yourself to think better.

Instead, you must solve the problem by diving down to the level of your cells…

For years, scientists couldn’t figure out how…

Until a discovery in Bordeaux, France changed everything.

Scientists found men and women aged 65 and older had better brain health when they ingested more of a certain compound

The compound is called a flavonoid.


Now, scientists have known about flavonoids for years. That’s because flavonoids give fruits and veggies their bright colors.

But researchers at the University of Paris discovered that not just any flavonoid can reverse aging in your brain…

So you can’t just eat a bunch more fruits and veggies to get a younger brain…

Only certain kinds of flavonoids power up your brain, and only in certain amounts

This set scientists on a worldwide mission that took 3 years to accomplish. They searched far and wide for the best flavonoid combination to help make your brain younger.

At first, they were stumped. Because researching the specific kinds of flavonoids people ingest… and the specific amounts… is almost impossible.

Until the scientists did something a little odd…

Something that might seem weird to people who are squeamish…

The scientists began measuring pee.


They collected hundreds and hundreds of urine samples.

Then, they measured the urine to see which kinds of flavonoids came out, and in what amounts. After all, whatever exits with urine, must have been ingested earlier.

And… bingo.

The scientists discovered the kinds of flavonoids and the amounts associated with younger brains

Yes, even when the person was over 65!

As silly as it sounds, this “pee breakthrough” was exactly what the scientists needed to figure out the Brain Reboot.

Of course, they had to test it on real people, to make sure it worked.

So these scientists put together this perfect combination of flavonoids… and gave it to volunteers, in a groundbreaking clinical study.

The scientists recruited 214 men and women between the ages of 60 and 70.

The experiment began in an unusual way…

First, the scientists measured each volunteer’s brain power.

The measuring process included something called a CANTAB test, which measures your brain’s age.

Now, some volunteers had brains which measured to be 60-years-old or 70-years-old… which made sense. After all, that was their age.

But the CANTAB revealed other volunteers had older brains…

Some 65-year-olds had the brains of 83-year-olds!

Ever feel like your mind’s 20 years older
than it should be?

Then you’re going to want to listen to this…

After the first round of testing, the scientists gave half of the volunteers this special flavonoid combo. The other half got a mere placebo.

24 weeks later, the scientists did another round of testing…

The placebo group didn’t change much. Their brains kept getting older.

But the volunteers who got the flavonoid combo? Their brains went through 3 surprising changes…

First, they improved both their short-term memory and their long-term memory a full 60%.


Ever forgotten someone’s name a moment after they introduced themselves… or missed a crucial appointment you scheduled weeks before?

Those are perfect examples of short-term and long-term memory in action… and both were strengthened by the flavonoid combo.

In fact, the worse the volunteers performed at memory tests in the beginning… the more dramatically they improved as the study went on!


The volunteers ended up with better triglyceride and blood sugar levels than the placebo group!

But that’s nothing compared to the third discovery

The scientists used the CANTAB to see if the volunteers’ brains got younger.

Specifically, they looked at the volunteers who started the study with older brains: The men and women with brains of 83-year-olds.

Now, that was before they got the flavonoid combo…

…but after?

Their brains reversed in age…
by a staggering 13 years

Yes, their brains completely rebooted to a younger state.

And that was just at the end of the study. Imagine if they kept using the treatment…

How much younger would their brains get? How much more powerful?

What if YOU took this treatment for a month… or a few months… or a year?

You just need the right combination of flavonoids, which is now patent-pending. And the right dose. Otherwise, you risk getting zero of the brain-health benefits.

Because this specific combination of flavonoids is exactly what causes the brain to grow “newborn neurons.”

That’s right, instead of simply losing neurons with age… this causes the growth of new ones.

Just like you were young again.

This isn’t wishful thinking or just a theory. This is rock-hard, tested and verified science. You just saw clinical results.

That’s not all…

This Brain Reboot could
strengthen synapses, as well

Remember how you learned your synapses are like wires, sending communication between your neurons?

Imagine these wires getting stronger and thicker… like massive power cables rocketing messages through your brain.


Again, the clinical testing showed this is exactly what happens.

Imagine how your brain power will improve… how clear your thinking will be… and how easily you will remember names, places, or anything else you want.

Like a supercomputer. Your friends will be amazed

The good news is, you don’t have to imagine.

Okay, with all that said, here’s exactly what this patent-pending flavonoid combo is:

It’s a synergistic combination of quercetin glucuronide, chlorogenic acid, petunidin-3-glucoside and malvidin-3-glucoside.


However… I’ve also made some arrangements, so you don’t have to find the components of the Brain Reboot yourself.

My team at Gold Leaf Nutritionals managed to get a supply of this flavonoid combination.

We’ve made it the star ingredient in our brand-new brain-enhancing formula CogniGold™. It’s powerful, natural, and all the ingredients are non-GMO.


CogniGold is made with the correct dose of this flavonoid combination to help reverse your brain’s age. BEWARE other formulas that claim to help your brain but aren’t backed by science.

When you get your hands on CogniGoldfinally… your brain will get the Brain Reboot
it needs to grow younger, sharper…

And help you focus and remember facts and figures like when you were younger.

Because you will be!

Now, it’s important to know this flavonoid combination is just one part of the CogniGold formula. Because possessing a brain that’s up to 13 years younger isn’t just about a stronger memory and sharper focus…

You need the mental energy to go along with it.


I’m sure you’ve had moments where you feel like you’re dragging through the day…

Maybe nodding off when you try to read your favorite book…

Too tired to play with your grandkids…

…and taking an afternoon nap leaves you feeling groggier than before.

Sometimes you want to do something fun for the weekend – like a round of golf or work on your garden – but just the thought of getting up and going, exhausts you

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Over 23 million Americans over the age of 50 suffer from this mental fatigue.

You might think, “This is just what happens when you get old.”

Here’s the good news:

It’s NOT.

The problem is in your brain… and we can now solve it.

However, the solution is not to just push yourself through it…

Instead, you must solve the problem at the source.

The issue comes down to a certain brain hormone called dopamine.

As you grow older, dopamine levels drop

When this happens, your brain tricks you into feeling tired.

Even worse, you lose your motivation and zest for life.

Right now, take a moment to remember the last time you buzzed with excitement for life.

Remember when you fell in love and couldn’t wait to spend every moment with your partner?

Or when you had your first child?

When you’re feeling such cherished, special moments…

…that’s when you have plenty of dopamine.

But the reason you feel tired… and feeling like your mind is trapped under a wet blanket…

…is because your dopamine is way down.


As a result, you suffer from exhaustion

You can’t find the energy or motivation to chase your dreams like you did as a youngster.

However, there is a solution…

…and it was found in a very surprising place:

The jungles of Indonesia.

It’s a tropical island almost 10,000 miles west of the United States.

A special plant called Alpinia galanga grows there. For thousands of years, it’s been revered for its unusual properties…


Recently, scientists collected a special, concentrated extract of this plant.

They tested to see if the plant lived up to the legends of enhanced brainpower.

However, scientists weren’t sure if they had the right plant.

So they collected 5 different samples from various plants and gave them to 5 different groups of volunteers.

A 6th group got a hefty dose of caffeine, the stimulating ingredient in coffee.

A 7th group got just a placebo.

Then, the scientists tested for how much their alertness improved. “Alertness” is the kind of focus that helps your brain absorb tons of information and stay laser-focused on a task.

Guess what?

At first, it seemed like NOTHING improved alertness.

Not even the caffeine!

But then, the scientists noticed one of the plant extracts did work. In fact…

The plant doubled the volunteers’ alert focus
in just one hour

And it kept working even after 5 hours!

It was indeed the Alpinia galanga plant.

After verifying the results, the scientists created a special, concentrated extract of it.

It’s called E-X-A.

They did a second study to confirm it could ramp up your focus and mental energy for 5 full hours with zero crash

…and discovered something even more amazing.

As part of the experiment, one group got this special E-X-A extract and some caffeine. Yes, both at the same time. Just as if they were washing down this plant extract E-X-A with a cup of coffee.

Another group got just caffeine.

And guess what?

The group taking both E-X-A and caffeine
felt more focused and energized
within just 60 minutes

And instead of crashing, their mental power magnified

After three hours, they were more mentally energized than the caffeine-only group…

…and they felt more focused than ever before… even after 5 full hours.

My favorite part of this study?

It shows you can keep drinking your coffee…

as long as you add some E-X-A.

This extract doesn’t replace your coffee… it enhances it. MORE energy… LONGER-lasting energy… MORE focus… and no crash.

It’s like a real-life smart pill.

Because of these results,

We knew E-X-A was the perfect supercharging ingredient for our CogniGold formula

With the special power of mind-enhancing flavonoids and E-X-A, CogniGold will give your brain cells everything they need to help…

Grow new neurons, boost your energy for hours, and potentially reverse aging in your brain up to 13 years… with better focus starting in just 60 minutes.

But there is one thing…

The only way to get your hands on some is right here, right now.

Like I said, I worked with my team at Gold Leaf Nutritionals to combine everything you need into a single, convenient capsule.

But please understand,

This combination formula
doesn’t exist anywhere else

No other formula combines EVERYTHING you need to help…

…so you could reverse your brain’s age up to a full 13 years, giving you the memory power, focus, and energy to go with it.

Which is why you must claim your own supply of our brand-new CogniGold before we run out. It’s powerful and made with natural and non-GMO ingredients.

Today, for the first time… you can get it delivered straight to your door.

Taking CogniGold couldn’t be easier. It’s just two teeny-tiny capsules you take with breakfast. Especially if you drink coffee in the morning!

So when your own supply arrives in a few days, I highly recommend you begin taking CogniGold immediately.

You’ll feel the difference the first time you try it

And as time goes on… you’ll be amazed at your focus and newfound memory, like your brain is up to 13 years younger… because it could be.

In this presentation, you’ve learned how it’s possible to grow brand-new neurons in your brain; the key to strengthening your memory and brainpower

You’ve discovered how you can restore the dopamine in your brain to “flip on” consistent energy for hours and hours with zero crash

You’ve learned how the key is an extract called E-X-A, which supercharges your morning coffee…


You could feel and experience a brain that’s up to 13 years younger, with a 60% stronger memory and a powerful flow of mental energy…

Now you must decide if you want your brain to get younger… or continue worrying about your foggy memory and embarrassing yourself with a “senior moment” ...

Your choice leads to 2 very different paths.

The path without growing new neurons and your synapses wearing away means a memory with more holes and focus as weak as a distracted puppy…

You might be at a party and when a young woman calls you by name, you blush when you can’t remember her name. You can only stammer, “Hey… uh…”

And without the energy and motivation, you’ll miss out on the party entirely. Life will pass you by.

However, the path with NEW neurons and potentially even stronger synapses absolutely means a younger brain…

Your mental energy will rise…

Your brain fog will disappear…

Your focus will sharpen…

You’ll feel like a brand-new you

…and this all starts just 1 hour after your first dose!

Your spouse will wonder what’s going on and might even ask what wonderful change you made.

Friends and family will be impressed when you help them with projects or even when you all play Scrabble.


You can smile, shrug your shoulders…

…and give a sincere, “Thank you!” when they remark, “You’re the sharpest one in the family!”

You’ll feel clear-headed…

Even your doctor will make a comment!


All you need is the mind-enhancing flavonoid
and E-X-A combo you’ll get in CogniGold

Imagine your next gathering with relatives and friends, especially if it’s a couple weeks from now.

When everyone’s first saying hi…

…and before your spouse needs to even remind you who a new friend is, you call them by name. You feel this new, wonderful confidence.

People start to notice. Everyone wants to talk with you!

CogniGold is the reason why… if you get your hands on some today.

If you miss out, who knows how much more tired you’ll feel and what else you’ll forget…

But why find out?

Make the right decision and reserve your own supply of our brand-new CogniGold brain health wonder today!

Start taking CogniGold first thing in the morning. Ideally with your coffee.

You’ll get to enjoy a mind-boggling 5+ hours of steady energy, without any kind of crash…

…and as time goes on… you’ll experience your very own wonderful “Younger Brain” moment.

It could be when afternoon hits… and instead of taking a nap, you decide to write a chapter for your new book…

Or when you win the Friday night Trivial Pursuit…

Or perhaps when your spouse gives you that smile you love and says, “That brain of yours, is why I married you!”

All because you found a solution to grow new neurons and synapses for a brain that could be up to 13 years younger.

CogniGold is the missing piece of the puzzle for you.


But you don’t have to take my word for it.

I’m so confident this formula will ramp up your focus and mental energy in 1 hour and KEEP it humming along as your brain grows younger…

… I want you to personally experience these results with ZERO risk.


Here’s how it works:

Reserve your supply of CogniGold today. Considering it could reverse your brain’s age at least 13 years, you’ll be delighted to see how reasonable it is.

Then, when it arrives in a week or so, open your first bottle immediately.

Follow the instructions and take CogniGold that very morning.

If you enjoy coffee, make sure to have some with it… and get ready!

Make sure to have a project you want to jump on immediately.


You’re going to feel the results fast…
and they’ll keep coming

Once a full 5 hours have gone by, if you’re not thrilled with your mental energy and focus…

…simply give us a call and we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.

And for a limited time, we’re taking this guarantee even further.

After all, we want to make sure this formula reverses your brain’s age. No more foggy moments. No forgetting anything. That’s more than fair…

…which is why we’re now extending you an unlimited guarantee when you try CogniGold today.

This unlimited guarantee NEVER expires.


Let me repeat that… for any reason at all… at ANY TIME at all… simply request a refund and we’ll be happy to oblige.

You can request a refund any time in the future – it could be six months from now… a year… or even two!

That’s how sure we are that you’re going to get a younger brain, with the focus and memory that comes with it.

There’s no pressure… and no risk…
when you try CogniGold today

So let’s do this: When you see the button below this presentation, click on it and fill out your shipping information on the next page.

Once you do, we’ll begin packing your shipment of CogniGold and then we’ll rush it your way.

Just a few short days from now, you’ll receive a discreet box from USPS.

Carefully packed inside will be your initial supply of CogniGold.

I recommend you immediately bring your CogniGold supply into your kitchen, open it up…

…and have it ready for morning.

When you take the little capsules with your morning coffee, the ingredients inside CogniGold will immediately restore your dopamine, so you’ll perk up with new energy. 5 straight hours of energy with no crash.

And before you know it…

Your brain could be years younger…


You’ll enjoy how easily you can remember things and focus like you haven’t in years!

Start the projects you’ve always wanted to accomplish… and marvel at how easily you fly through your day without needing a nap.

And to keep your brain young… we want to make sure you’re never without the energizing power of CogniGold.

Because if you stop taking CogniGold, there’s a very real chance your foggy moments will come creeping back.

So, today, through this special offer, we’re giving you free access to our Priority Pass refill program.

That means, whenever you’re about to run out of CogniGold, we’ll ship you a fresh supply and simply bill the credit card you give today.

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That’s right… you get FREE shipping on today’s order and all future Priority Pass orders.

Of course, you can cancel or change this refill program at any time just by calling our friendly team.

No hassle and complete convenience. That’s how we do business.

And, of course, you take no risk at all.

Your 100% satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed

So if you’re ready for a younger brain… go ahead and click the button below now.

It will take you to our secure reservation page, where you can select your initial risk-free supply of CogniGold.

Do click the button now. I’ll see you on the other side…

For CogniGold and Gold Leaf Nutritionals, I’m Rachel Roane.

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